3 day shamanic experience

I just realised why my upper back has been hurting.

And my new offering just landed.

These past months crazy synchronicities have been happening regarding anything to do with Dragons.

It began when I saw dragons being birthed all over the world. Next thing you know we’re offering a workshop called Birthing your Soul Dragon to 170 people.
Little did I know, how deeply I would be impacted by this workshop.
As I am witnessing my entire being slowly disappear. (Quite brutally at times actually)

Today in deep ritual I began to sense what was behind this upper back pain. I could feel my flesh moving, my skin being ripped apart, as dragon wings emerged from within.

As I move my body back, and forth.
I feel the wings moving
Creating momentum.

My next offering:
A three day shamanic experience to awaken your mythical body.

And I am fucking excited for it.
And admittedly a little bit scared.

These past weeks I’ve felt the stretch marks. The shedding. The forming. The ripping apart of my flesh.

I have felt the gigantic stretching of this giant dragon trying to fit inside this tiny body.

And I also feel how my human is being swallowed whole.

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