About me

Hi gorgeous, welcome to my website. 

My name is Gabriella Banegas, and I am on a mission to normalise feeling(s) I am here to help you commit to yourself, to help you get back in touch with your inner wisdom, to help you see that it is safe to feel.

In 2017 I heard this call come from very deep within my being, calling me to come closer and listen. Asking me to commit to being in relationship with myself. I left behind all that I thought I was, an artist, an art educator, a lover, a girlfriend, a business owner. And instead decided to invest in getting to know myself, invest into the unknown and follow the calling of my heart. 

Following this inner guidance into the unknown has lead me to many beautiful places and beautiful meetings. But more importantly it has cracked me open completely. Leading me closer to myself, and to what it is that I wish to do in this life. And it has allowed me to feel empowered, to feel alive, to feel radiant, to feel more love than I thought I was capable of, and most importantly, to feel acceptant of everything that life has to offer

So far it’s been a really wild ride. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you it was easy. Instead I’ll tell you the truth and tell you that it was raw, and honest, and vulnerable, and scary, and powerful, and filled with bliss, and beautiful magical moments.

In a letter I wrote to myself during the ISTA II – Initiation it says:

“Trust that you know the way, and that you can show others how to get there.” And that is exactly what I am going to do.

I see you, I feel you and I love you.


Iceland, Januari 2019
International School of Temple Arts
ISTA II SSSin – Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Initiation

Poland, November 2018
International School of Temple Arts
ISTA I SSSex – Spiritual Sexual Shamanic experience

The Netherlands, 2017
School of Fine Arts Utrecht
BFA Fine Arts and Design in Education