Compassion and kindness are my biggest strengths. Holding you in love, warmth and safety. And allowing you to fully surrender into your being by creating a safe container and being fully present, so that you can dive deeper into yourself.

The first step in my own self development was not working on becoming empowered. It was not clearing sexual shame. The first step was learning to hold myself in kindness, learning to be compassionate towards myself, my thoughts, my emotions. The first step was allowing myself to feel, without judging my thoughts and emotions. The first step was re-learning that it is safe to feel. 

Often another can help us open up to ourself and to love a little more deeply. Speaking to trustworthy people can allow us to surrender a bit more deeply. This can be a friend, a spouse, a relative, a co-worker, or anyone else.

But what if you’re not ready or willing to open up to them yet? Sometimes it can help to speak to a person that is completely uninvolved in your life, someone who knows nothing about you and the other people. Sometimes a “stranger” is exactly what you need to feel safe enough to open up. To feel safe enough to release all that you e been holding on to, all that you’ve been bottling up. 

During meditation I was asked to start giving Kindness and Compassion sessions. Since there are so many people in need of warmth, kindness and loving presence.

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