There is no-thing to do,
no-where to go,
no-one to be.

And it has become excessively clear to me now that there is nothing, except the present moment.

We are being asked to let go of any and all attachments we have, to fear, to security, to our identity.

We are being asked to release all that we believe we are. All that we believe we came here to do.
To release all future plans, visions, ideas.And to allow ourself to fully surrender to the flow of life.
To allow the floodgates to open and to allow life to take us.

Yes, that may seem terrifying.
Because what is left when we let go of who we are, of our life purpose,
of our goals and dreams and desires?
What is left?
Who is left?

Lover, are you ready and willing to take a deep look into the eyes of your fears,
your attachments, your desires, your identity?
Are you ready to look at them, feel them, embody them,
and then release them?

Are you yearning for life to take you?

Currently all sessions will be online through Zoom.

Sessions can be held in Dutch or English

"When I let go of what I am,

I become what I might be."

- Lao Tzu

The Invitation

Darling, the time is now. If you have a burning desire to surrender into the ecstatic current of life and if you are ready and willing to commit to yourself, then I would love to work with you in an online 1:1 container where you will feel held throughout sessions.

Building of Etheric Temples:
Working together with the dragons to create temples in the subtle realms. These temples can be used far and wide. For etheric mentorships, they can be built around your house, for energetic magnetism for your business and much more.

Mythical Body Activation:

1:1 Mentorship:
Let us journey deep into the uncomfortable together in a month long container. Deep into the painful bits, the scary parts, the dark, the demonic. Let us journey in through your pleasure, into your pain, into your grief, and allow me to hold you. 

I work with a mixture of modalities learned along the way, but most present in the containers I create are the sexual shamanic tools I have learned at the International School of Temple arts (ISTA) and as a Dragon Resonance Practitioner (Magical School Teachings). In my sessions I infuse embodiment coaching, with sexual shamanic healing, ritual, light language & -coding, bodywork, and beyond. In sessions I hold space for you to explore your dark, your erotic, your joy, your life force pulsing at the centre of your being.  

Sessions are available in Dutch and English

When you contact me I will get back to you to schedule a 20 minute exploration call, to see if we are a match. 



The universe is asking us to surrender
more deeply than we have ever
surrendered before. 

We can go down kicking and screaming,
or we can go down willingly
and allow life to take us, allow ourself
to surrender into love more fully.

I choose love.

I choose life.


And I am filled with life,
with devotion,
with dedication
to take you through this initiation
in a safe and loving way.

Are you ready to surrender into yourself?