Awakening the Mythical Body

Darling, the time has come to awaken the mythical body.

About two months ago I received a vision where I saw dragons being birthed all over the globe. The time has come to hatch and awaken the Mythical Body. It is time for us to open up to a primordial power stored so deep within us, that we have forgotten it exists. 

After this visions the synchronicities have been insane, and the stories of dragons have been following me around. Changing and shifting my perception of reality in grander more absurd ways than I ever knew existed. 

Quite -literally- being able to see the magic behind visible reality.

And I want to take you there as well. 

That is why on June 28th I will be opening up a container for us to create a shamanic portal, anchoring mysticism deeper and deeper into our existence. 

P R O G R A M    D E T A I L S

The portal opens on June 28th
There is an experience ready and waiting there for you. 

On Monday July 6th the three day experience begins. We will be meeting on Zoom on Monday 6th, Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th of July at 9pm CET on.
Make these meetings a priority. 

Your investment: Your time, full commitment and €444,-

Join if you feel the pull.
Join if this invitation lingers.
Join if you are curious.
Join if you are slightly afraid.
Join when this feels irresponsible, or irrational.