Remembe​r Earth

Through the Eyes of a Tiger I Seek

For what Seems like Centuries, I have knelt before the Altar and asked for Life to take me, for Life to put me in my place. I have spent days, weeks, hours, praying that I may know God, that I may experience the Magic that lays hidden behind visible reality. Dropping beads of sweat, tears, blood, spit and cum onto the ground and into the Earth in this Ecstatic Prayer.

Through Life. Through Love. Through Eros.
I have come to quite a few important milestones, deaths and initiations.

And I am ready to take you along. To help you remember 
who you are .

This work is for you if you are ready to embody the depth and magic that lays at the core of the ecstatic stillness of your being.   Are you  willing to drop all stories and take the leap into the unknown?

Workshops & 1:1

Currently Offering

Fridays 7-8:30 PM
Women's Circle
@ The Ruby Sun, Las Cruces, NM

These offerings include; Cacao Ceremonies; Women's Circles; Land Journeys; Body Love Rituals; Shadow Work; Sacred Sexuality; Embodiment; Holding in Grief; Coaching; Soul Shine Sessions; Bodywork &More


Land Journeys

Drop down, into the Pace of the Earth, and stand still long enough to hear the voices of Creation.

2 - 4hr Outdoor Journey
May include; Fire; Ceremonial Cacao; Drum; Meditation; Silence; Dance; Holding in Grief; Embodiment Practices.

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Connect to Life through the Density of Matter. Feel into LIfe's Depth and Darkness by embracing Death, Anger, Grief & emiting Life, Love and Eros.

Say Yes, to the Wild/Wise Woman that Lives inside of you.

6 week Self-Initiation.
Includes; Every single tool I have in my toolbox; Dragon Medicine; Embodiment; Sexual Shamanism; Land Journeys; Coaching; Ceremony; Cacao; Meditation; Bodywork; Yoni Massage; &More

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"I am forever grateful to Gabriella and the spaces she has created in helping me show up as my best self. When I work with her I feel a deep presence and a willingness to connect with whatever arises within me - particularly the spaces that scare me. She is someone who has done the work and still continues to dig deeper. I would absolutely recommend anyone to connect with Gabriella - the breadth of what she is able to hold with compassion is breathtaking. Gabriella is able to navigate that tightrope of being a guide while also being transparent about her humanity. If you are seeking a powerful being who will accompany you in your expansion, look no further."

- Nate G​​.

Lover of Earth and All Things Holy and True.

My name is Gabriella Banegas. I am a community builder, Sacred Sexuality practitioner and lover of Life.

The past few years I have been journeying deeply with Sacred Sexuality and the Temple Arts. Diving into ritual, group-intimacy and opening to Love/Life. What I am learning more and more is that the Holiness of the Erotic is too important not to stand for. And so I like to bring teachings that incorporate eroticism, sensuality and embodiment in one way or the other.

Besides Erotic Embodiment I also bring in the quality of intimacy with Earth, experiencing her as my greatest lover, teacher and muse.

I weave many different modalities and tools within my work, but mostly I draw from the wells of wisdom that lay within.
And that is exactly what I wish to transmit; that you too can trust upon the immense power, wisdom & insight that lays within your being.

I am here to stand for a new paradigm of leadership, which pours forth from the deep dark wisdom that lays within.

Beloved, we are the oracle, and it is time to stand in our power.

My prayer is that all beings may know the depth of Love and
the beauty of Life that is available. May you be reminded that you too are Earth